EU Artificial Intelligence Act: Risk Levels

The Commission proposes the first regulatory framework for AI that addresses the risks of AI and enables Europe to play a leading role globally.

The regulatory proposal aims to provide AI developers, deployers, and users with precise requirements and obligations regarding specific applications of AI. At the same time, the proposal seeks to reduce the administrative and financial burden on businesses tiny and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

The proposal is part of a broader AI package that includes the updated Coordinated Plan for AI. Together, they ensure people and businesses’ safety and fundamental rights while promoting AI uptake, investment, and innovation across the EU.

Why do we need regulations for AI?

The proposed AI regulation ensures that Europeans can trust what AI offers. While most AI systems pose little or no risk and can be used to solve many societal challenges, specific AI systems pose risks that must be addressed to avoid undesirable outcomes.

For example, it is often impossible to determine why an AI system made a decision or prediction and achieved a particular result. Thus, it can become difficult to assess whether someone has been unfairly disadvantaged, for example, when making a hiring decision or applying for a public benefit.

Although existing legislation provides some protection, it is not sufficient to address the unique challenges that AI systems may pose.

The proposed regulations will:

  • address the risks explicitly posed by AI applications;
  • propose a list of high-risk applications;
  • establish precise requirements for AI systems for high-risk applications;
  • establish specific obligations for AI users and providers of high-risk applications;
  • propose a conformity assessment before the AI system is placed in service or on the market;
  • propose enforcement after such AI system is placed on the market;
  • Propose a governance structure at the European and national levels.

(Based on the recommendations of the European Commision)

AI Risk Levels

Murat Durmus

(Author of the book: THE AI THOUGHT BOOK)

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Murat Durmus (CEO @AISOMA_AG)

Murat Durmus (CEO @AISOMA_AG)


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