Is AI Redefining the Pace and Path of Evolution?

Murat Durmus (CEO @AISOMA_AG)
2 min readApr 14, 2024
Is AI Redefining the Pace and Path of Evolution? — Murat Durmus

Conventional evolution, as understood in terms of Darwinian theory, proceeds by natural selection — slow, methodical, and bound by genetic transmission. Artificial intelligence, however, introduces a new vector: technological evolution, driven by the rapid fire of innovation rather than the gradual pace of biological change. This evolution is characterized by creating intelligences that can theoretically reshape themselves at a pace and in a way that organic evolution never could.

Is this acceleration?

Undoubtedly, in terms of speed. But it also leads to a transformative recalibration of what we mean by evolution. If evolution is the process by which systems become more complex, more powerful, and adapt to their environment, then AI could be seen as a catalyst that accelerates this process and expands its boundaries beyond the organic to the synthetic, redefining the path of intelligent life.

One can assume:

AI participates in evolution and redirects it by transforming the slow pace of genetic change into a sprint across the digital expanse, passing the baton of progress not between generations but between versions.

In this new evolutionary race, AI could be not just a participant but the harbinger of a new era in which the baton of progress passes from biological to digital hands, possibly leading to a future we do not yet comprehend.




Murat Durmus (CEO @AISOMA_AG)

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