The AI Ethics Dilemma

Murat Durmus (CEO @AISOMA_AG)
2 min readDec 3, 2023
The AI Ethics Dilemma — Murat Durmus

Pursuing AI ethics is like a conscientious inspector who is always a step behind. They arrive at the platform just as the train of technology is leaving. This train is a symbol of human ingenuity, but it travels on tracks that were laid without considering ethical implications.

Murat Durmus

As the train vanishes into the horizon of progress, it leaves a cloud of unanswered questions and unresolved dilemmas, much like the lingering smoke of an ancient steam engine. These intricate and multifaceted questions touch upon the very fabric of our social and moral landscape. They are the whispers of privacy invaded, biases amplified, and realities distorted, echoing in the emptiness of the station.

This scene occurs on a modern platform and is a metaphor for our current era. It highlights the ongoing challenge humans face in balancing the appeal of unexplored technological territories with the guidance of ethical principles. As we stand on this platform, watching the train of AI disappear into the future, we are left with urgent questions:

Can we, as a society, find a way to synchronize the clock of ethics with the technology timetable?

Or will we continue to arrive just in time to see the backlights of innovation disappearing into the distance, leaving us to grapple with the consequences in its wake?




Murat Durmus (CEO @AISOMA_AG)

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