The complete Richard P. Feynman lectures for free online

Murat Durmus (CEO @AISOMA_AG)
1 min readJul 30, 2023

Richard P. Feynman’s lectures are a treasure trove of knowledge, thanks to his exceptional clarity in teaching, his passion for the subject, his intuitive approach, his emphasis on problem-solving, his real-life applications, his humor, his storytelling, his interdisciplinary insights, his encouragement of curiosity, his pioneering contributions, and his enduring legacy. Even today, individuals worldwide continue to be inspired and educated by his lectures, as he has made science accessible and fascinating to all.

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Volume 1:

Volume 2:

Volume 3:


The Character of Physical Law:

The goal of teaching should not be to help the students learn how to memorize and spit out information under academic pressure.

The purpose of teaching is to inspire the desire for learning in them and make them able to think, understand, and question.

~ Richard P. Feynman

Murat Durmus

(Author of the Books: “Mindful AI: Reflections on Artificial Intelligence” and “A Primer to the 42 Most commonly used Machine Learning Algorithms (With Code Samples)”)

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