Why More People Should Read Rumi

Murat Durmus (CEO @AISOMA_AG)
2 min readMar 26, 2024
Why more people should read Rumi

To read Rumi is not merely to consume words but to embark on a journey across the boundless seas of the soul and to orient oneself by the stars of wisdom that he so masterfully scattered across the skies of human consciousness. His verses are not written but breathed into existence, each a breath of the divine, a whisper from the cosmos into the eager ear of humanity.

“Why should more people read Rumi?” one might ask as if the question itself weighted an existential inquiry. The answer, wrapped in the elegance of simplicity, is this:

Rumi transcends the mundane, lifts the veil between the visible and the invisible, and guides the reader through the labyrinth of his being. In his words:

“You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop”.

The universal truth is that we are infinitely more connected to the cosmos than we dare to believe.

Rumi’s poetry whispers to us that love is not just an emotion to be experienced but a force to be harnessed — a cosmic power capable of transcending the physical and illuminating the spiritual.

To immerse oneself in Rumi’s work is to enter a dialog with the universe, question, seek, and ultimately discover. His wisdom is like a well-aged wine that offers a taste of the eternal, an insight into the deep interconnectedness of all things. At a time when the superficial often obscures the essential, Rumi reminds us of the beauty of depth, of the importance of looking beyond the visible to recognize the invisible threads that connect us all.

The more souls embark on this journey with Rumi, the richer the human experience becomes, imbued with a deeper understanding of love, compassion, and unity. In the profound simplicity of Rumi’s words, we find not only poetry but a path to transcendence, a way to explore the depths of the soul.



Murat Durmus (CEO @AISOMA_AG)

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