Will AI catapult us into an Age of Uniformity?

Murat Durmus (CEO @AISOMA_AG)
2 min readAug 20, 2023
Will AI catapult us into an Age of Uniformity? — Murat Durmus

On the surface, this statement might evoke images of a monotonous world where AI’s omnipresent and homogenizing influence eclipses the individuality of human expression. It raises questions about the consequences of AI-driven standardization, where decisions, behaviors, and even creative expressions could converge toward a singular, algorithmically prescribed norm.

Scrutinizing the layers beneath the concept of AI is essential. AI’s influence on uniformity is not solely due to its nature but how we deploy it. AI can usher in uniformity that harmonizes societal functions but also stifles diversity.

In some ways, AI can promote uniformity by optimizing processes, standardizing procedures, and streamlining industries. This can improve efficiency, reduce errors, and contribute to a more structured and organized world. For example, AI can ensure precision and consistency in manufacturing or logistics.

However, we must exercise caution in human affairs and creativity. We risk relinquishing too much authority to AI, allowing it to dictate our choices, tastes, and preferences. This could erode human diversity, cultural heritage, and individuality.

The destiny of this age of uniformity hinges upon our wisdom and ethical resolve. We have the agency to guide AI’s evolution in a way that preserves our cherished values, celebrates our differences, and nurtures innovation without quashing individuality. To do so, we must conscientiously design AI systems with built-in safeguards that prioritize human welfare, diversity, and ethical considerations.

We must balance the advantages of AI’s consistency in some areas with preserving human uniqueness and diversity in others.

It is a call to action for profound philosophical contemplation and ethical guidance as we navigate the uncharted territories of AI’s influence on our world.


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