Will AI promote creative thinking or, rather, uniform thinking?

Will AI promote creative thinking or, rather, uniform thinking? — Murat Durmus

A few quick thoughts on this.

The most appropriate answer to that would be, “It depends.” ;-)

That said, let me offer a few thoughts.

Many see AI as promoting creativity. Frankly, I’m not so sure about that. It will promote creativity for some who know how to use the technology. For the majority, it will do the opposite. They will take the path of least resistance and adopt the results of AI (which are sometimes even good) out of convenience.

One potential problem with AI is that it is only as good as the data on which it is trained. If the data is biased or limited in some way, the AI system may produce biased or narrow results. This can lead to a need for more diversity of ideas and a unified way of thinking.

Another possibility is algorithmic decision-making. When decisions are made solely based on data and algorithms, there can be a tendency to rely on the same inputs and processes, leading to a lack of creativity and innovation.

We should develop a mindful approach and be aware that we are dealing with a different kind of intelligence.


(Author of the book: “Mindful AI — Reflections on Artificial Intelligence”)

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