On the Future of AI — MINDFUL AI

It is risky to view and evaluate AI solely from a technological perspective. However, the philosophical, psychological, and sociological aspects are at least as necessary.

We must take a holistic and interdisciplinary view of AI. Only in this way can we ensure that it does not pose a danger.

Therefore, we need more people with robust computational statistics and machine learning skills who do not come from computer science, math, or physics backgrounds but human-, social-, life- or environmental sciences. This would immensely enrich and benefit the development of AI.

“Many are concerned about the lack of AI Experts. The lack of ‘real’ Thinkers & Philosophers is even more alarming.”



(The text is an excerpt from my new book “MINDFUL AI — Reflection Artificial Intelligence”)



Murat Durmus (CEO @AISOMA_AG)

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